Syllabus and Materials



Syllabus and Material

Indoor Syllabus (Semester – I)

 Police in Modern India


 Indian Penal Code and Legal Jurisprudence

 Criminal Procedure Code

 Indian Evidence Act

 Investigation Theory

 Police Station Management & Crime Control

 Maintenance of Public Peace & Order

 Usages of Computers, CCTNS and Technology for Policing





Indoor Syllabus (Semester – II)

 Forensic Science

 Forensic Medicine

 Investigation Practicals and Report Writing

 Crime against Women, Children, SC/ST, Minorities and other vulnerable sections of the Society

 Investigation of Cyber Crimes, Economic Offences, Organized Crimes.

 Intelligence and Internal Security

 Human Rights and Ethics

 Learning Field Scenarios

Outdoor Syllabus

 Purpose of Outdoor Training

 Revision of Syllabus

 Abstract of Outdoor Periods & Marks (Subject-wise)

 Abstract of Outdoor Periods(Semester-wise)

 Breakup of Outdoor Periods & Marks (Subject-wise)

 Outdoor subjects, Periods and marks (1st Sem)

 Outdoor subjects, Periods and marks (2nd Sem)

 Outdoor Final examinations marks

 Reference Books