On 27 January , 1993 , late Sri KS Vyas attained martyrdom. Hence every year APPA is paying homage to him. With the pious intention of keeping alive the memory of Si KS Vyas, APPA is holding Memorial Lecturer every year. At the time of his assassination, he was officiating at APPA. Hence APPA felt it becoming on its part to institute this Memorial Lecture, to commemorate his death anniversary. The first lecture was in the year 1997.


About Sri Late K.S.Vyas, IPS
An institution builder and a role model to many a Police Officer not only of our States, but also to police officers in the entire country, Sri KS Vyas was born a few months after the Independence i.e. on 22nd Dec 1947. Commencing his career as ASP Gudur in Nellore District, he acquitted himself to the admiration and adulation of one and all as SP of Nizamabad, Nalgond and Vijayawada and as chief of traffic of Hyderabad City Police. That was the time the leviathan of terrorism was manifesting itself in the Country and its pestering symptom in our State was Peoples War Group as it was then known. With mounting casualties both civilian and police, the violence indulged in by Maoists became a dreaded wound on the body politic; and a n assault on the Constitutional values of our country.As this problem of Internal Security in the form of low-intensity war by LWE groups entailed a radical solution, Sri KS Vyas with his uncanny vision, conceived and raised guerilla outfit of the Police, aptly christened Greyhounds. Finding his existence a threat to their existence, the Maoists gunned him down on 27.1.1993, while he was jogging at LB Stadium. Though he was assassinated, the lamp he lit is still glowing and will continue to glow, inspiring many Police Heroes.


The spirit of Late Sri KS Vyas is all-pervasive in the security fabric of our Country , as many State Governments and the CAPFs are adopting the technique of guerilla warfare and imparting training to their respective Forces as an antidote to terrorism.


The memorial Lectures are intended to pay a tribute to his heroic deeds, commitment to the Cause of Duty and inspire the present generation of budding Police Officers.


So far 20 Memorial lectures have been organized by TSPA. The previous Speakers have been veterans of the Police Department; and the topics have been germane to terrorism – a cause fighting which Late Vyas laid down his life at the altar of duty.


Recently 20th K.S.Vyas Memorial Lecture on Jihadi Terrorism in India – Recent Trends and Counter Measures was given by Sri D.P.Sinha IPS (Retd.) Former Secretary (Security), GOI, New Delhi ON (27-01-2016)