Hospital & Pharmacy

About TSPA Unit Hospital.



       1.TSPA Hospital was  established on 27/08/1993 as a small Dispensary.


       2.It is now strengthened to a Hospital in view of large number of ongoing trainings and huge need from residents in the campus.


       3.Currently the Hospital has 16 members staff.


        Unit Medical Officer


        Staff Nurse


       Pharmacist and


       Lab Technician


       Physiotherapists Male and Female.


        Remaining Staff  are  Nursing orderly  and Care Takers who are also well trained and skilled in handling Emergencies.


  1. Hospital has all basic facilities like Pharmacy, Clinical Lab, Physiotherapy Unit, X- ray and also Dental room, Separate Male and Female wards with a capacity of 8 beds in each ward.


       5.Since the large number of trainees are accommodated in the campus during trainings Hospital functions as a Round the clock facility where 3 members of the staff are made available to deal with any casualty without any delay.


  1. Pharmacy maintains all Emergency Medicinesincluding Anti Snake Venom and also Seasonal Illness drugs.


      7.One BLS Ambulance is available to shift seriously ill patients to Higher facility after Emergency Stabilization.


      8.During  Covid Pandemic Hospital and Team had monitored meticulously the Home Quarantined and moderately sick Covid positive Police Personnel and their family members, trainees and ensured them safe. Around 500 Home Isolation kits prepared and distributed to Covid positive            Patients and their Immeadiate family members.


      9.Covid protocol measures like Regular Sanitization  wearing of  N95 Masks, Wearing PPE Kits by Hospital staff, Social distancing, Covid testing to positive patients and their contacts and Frequent Hand sanitization were followed to the best possible extent to reduce transmission of virus         to healthy individuals in Hospital.


  1. Covid Vaccination was done as per GOI Instructions in 7 different phases to all Police Personnel and their family members in coordination with State Health Authorities and ensured safe vaccination.


     Number of staff vaccinated 358/360.


      Number of Family members Vaccinated at TSPA are 223


     Ensured 99% Vaccination among Staff.


     11.Physiotherapy Unit is run by two Physiotherapists and it  has all Necessary Physiotherapy Equipments like IFT, Ultrasound, Short Wave Diathermy, TENS, Traction, Wax Therapy, Infraredlight, Shoulder wheels reuired to deal with all sports injuries, Bone and Joint issues of Trainees and        Trainers during their outdoor training activities.


      12.Hospital is also ensuring safe Biomedical waste disposal through   MARIDI   Biomedical waste disposal system from Covid Pandemic.


  1. Hospital equipments like Oxygen Concentrators, Cylinders, Bedside Vital Monitor, Beds Motorised and Non Motorised, Drugs crash carts, wheelchairs, ambulance stretchers were purchased during Covid to improve the facility as well as to cater High quality Health care services to Staff and trainees of the Academy.


  1. Periodical Health awareness camps and specialist consultant visits will be organized in coordination with Reputed Hospitals to impart awareness and to improve Health and well being among the staff and officers.