Hospital & Pharmacy



Hospital and Pharmacy


The TSPA (formerly APPA) Dispensary was opened on Dt.27/08/1993, Initially one Medical Officer was used to come from Golconda area hospital for one hour 1pm to 2pm on honorarium basis. Later on, the dispensary is upgraded and above strength sanctioned in 1995, till today the same strength is continuing.

The present computer-training center has been upgraded with a cost of Rs.40 lakhs from the MPLADS funds in the year, 2001. Computer Lab was renovated as “ Centre for Digital Literacy” consisting of modern three air conditioned labs (A,B and C ) in the year 2012 . All the labs are fully equipped with latest computers and audio visual aids.

Our Dispensary is running daily 10 am to 5 pm except on holidays, and emergencies first aid is provided , during Physical Training and parade timings i.e morning 6am to 10am and evening 5 pm to 8 pm, The Medical Officer and Staff nurse are residing in campus to attend any medical emergencies round the clock, if needed referrals to higher centers for further treatment, Dispensary needed medicines was arranged from Government Medical Store Depot, Hyderabad, some emergency medicines and non available/ non stock medicines are purchased from open market after getting the certificate from GMSD, Hyderabad.

Dispensary has sanctioned strength of One Medical Officer, One Staff-Nurse, One Pharmacist Gr-II, One Lab-Technician, (Lab-Technician post is on vacancy) one women constable who is qualified is working as a Lab-Technician since 2013 on deputation from Kurnool Dist, and also (4) Supporting staff, the dispensary providing services like, Medical emergencies, General O.P. Physiotherapy, and Basic clinical Investigations. On an average we treat around 50 cases per day, mainly sports injuries cases. We are providing treatment for all the trainees, trainers, Employees and residents of TSPA Campus.
Dispensary has one ambulance to shift the patients in emergencies to referral hospitals round the clock. We also conduct health camps in co-ordination with other organizations and Hospitals, to create awareness regarding health education and various health problems in and we are also attending the PULSE POLIO Immunization camp in the campus which is organized by the state government every year, we are also conducting health camps every month in co-ordination with recognized hospitals for the benefit of trainees ,staff and families of T.S.P.A.