Forensic Science Lab



Forensic Science Lab

The TSPA is uniquely positioned in this respect as being the Model teaching Academy at the state level. TSPA is committed to emerge as a centre of excellence in Police Training for different levels of police officers.

There is a well equipped Forensic Science Lab with many Simulated Mock Crime Scenes both Indoor as well as outdoor. To name a few, there are Indoor Simulated Crime Scenes of Rape & Murder, Murder for Gain, Robbery, Burglary, and Homicide with Fire Arm, suicide by poison etc arranged at the new Library Block as well as the Academic Block Circle.

The outdoor Simulated Crime Scenes of Hit & Run Accidents, Road Accident, and Homicide etc are simulated at Yoga Lawns sites and its vicinity for conducting practical training. Knowledge is imparted by providing information but Skill has to be developed by their individual involment and practice in form of practical sessions.

Detailed procedures of Protection, Recording, Searching, Lifting and Packing of Physical Evidences, practicing to write the Letter of Advice is taught to the trainees in form of newly introduced Integrated Practical Approach where not only the Forensic Science & sessions of the trainees.

Computerized Simulation Lab using Quick Soft Technology is facilitated for hands on practice for Handling, Lifting & Packing (HLP) of various Physical Evidences in form of 3D modeling, animations & interactive programme based tools for ground level use by the police forces in their day to day crime busting activity.

The Forensic wing of TSPA is also credited with a mini Lab for practical demonstration purposes i.e Finger Print Lab for being trained in the method of identifying, developing, lifting & recording Finger Prints from suspect / accused persons and also on different articles available at scene of crime.

The police officers are subjected to a two tier induction and in-service training in Forensic Science including Mandatory courses for SIs which is a prerequisite for being considered for promotion to the next cadre. The first course in FS/FM is the First Mandatory Course of which the new recruits are subjected to FS training in their Induction training. After 2 to 3 yrs of field experience they are exposed further for advanced courses in FS/FM.

The main role of the TSPA Forensic Science faculty is to develop knowledge and skill in Forensic Science to all SIs /RSIs/ PCs / pre promotion training for head constables to become SIs/ conversion training for SIs of armed police to civil police & specialized training to in-service personnel, public and private sector bank staff including Security Guards ,Public Prosecutors & other Agencies. The Forensic Science faculty has a role to impart training to the trainee police IPS officers, newly recruited probationary DSPs from other states like Tripura etc.

Frequent updation of the course materials, Power Point presentations and Crime scene management skills are taken up on regular basis. In this way the Training schedule at TSPA equips the police officer to have the latest information on Science and Technology which is very useful to all the trainees as they are in the continuous process of upgrading their knowledge & Skill. This will help them in Crime Investigation as well as to strengthen the Criminal Justice System.

FS & FM labs equipped with Kwick Crimesim, An investigative 3d Simulator software for Crime scene management training and proficiency testing which imparts cutting edge technology to provide to policy trainees I the best practices to be adopted in the process of Pre- collection, Collection and Post-Collection of evidence from 10 different crime scenes.