1. Single Rooms (with attached bathrooms)                      30 Nos

2. Double Rooms (with attached bathrooms)                    20 Nos

a) Main dining hall seating capacity                                     60 Nos

Buffet system (4 counters) 4 X 30                                        100 Nos

b) Mini dining hall seating capacity                                      20 Nos

Buffet system                                                                          30 Nos

1 ) 30 nos., of Single Rooms renovated by APSPHC.

2) Constructed Multi Purpose Hall on the roof top of SOM building.

3) Room Nos. 33 and 34 of VIPs rooms renovated.

4) Garden / Lawn have planted at in front of SOM building.

5) Arranged mosquito net to windows for all rooms

6) Free Wi-Fi facility

7) Provided shuttle court for trainees

8) Repainted of SOM by TSPHC

9) Room coolers are provided for all Rooms

10) Solar hot Water facility is available

11) Emergency lights and hot kettles are provided