Dr. Hankins Museum

Take a step back in time on a tour through our historical center. You can travel into our past taking a look at various uniformand equipment used by the Andhra Pradesh State Police over the years. 
          During the  tour, visitors can see  numerous antique equipment related  to law enforcement. The Historical Center also serves as the administrative office of the Andhra Pradesh State Police Youth Services.
      The Telangana State Police Academy (TSPA) is promoting a Police Museum in the memory of  Dr.  Hankins, the  first Inspector General of Police, Nizam State, In Deccan, the British pattern of Policing was subsequently  adopted by the enlightened Prime Minister Sir Salar Jung - 1st during the regime of Nizam V to VI. In 1890 full-fledged policing system was inducted throughout Nizam state under  the Inspector General of Police, Dr.Hankin who served in the year 1880           The Museum has five galleries. 
                   1) Edged Arms Gallery,
                   2) Fire Arms Gallery, 
                   3) Police Gallery, 
                   4) Forensic Gallery,
                   5)Communication Gallery.
        1) EDGED ARMS GALLERY: includes collection of  edged arms like different types of bow, arrow, spears, swords, daggers and freek arms including the Yatagan sword of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, Swords : Zulfiquar Sword of Mughal Emperor Aurangazeb. Alamgir an Adi sword belongs to the Qutub Shahi period with embossing work of Quranic verse. There are 10 unique swords which were made by noted sword smiths like Asadullah Isfthani, Muhammed Muqim (Iran), Muhammed Moallim al Misri of Egypt, Muhammed Anbia (Iran), Syed Ahmed & Muhamed Hammed (Turkish) and some swords which are made in  famous companies like Henry Wilkinson, London, , Windsor & Co., London, Wilkinson Pall Mall, England,  Badham Pile & Co. Bombay.
         The collection of edged arms ranging from 17th to 20th centuries include  Shamsheer, Patta, Yatghan, Sosun Patta, Saif, Talwar, Fencing, Adi, Dhup, Dao, Ramdao, Tegha, and Zulfiqar.  The collection of swords with the Damascus blades with inscription decorated with zarbuland work.  The sword with jade & ivory hilt and some hilts are profusely embellished with floral, creeper design in gold & silver and decorated with ivory, wallrus ivory. Some are with Zarbuland, Tahnasheen work and a few have appliqu