Rules and Regulations

  • All the Cadets under training will be governed by A.P. Police (Stipendiary Trainee) Rules,1999 issued vide the G.O.Ms No.315, Home(Pol-C) Dept., dt.13-10-1999, G.O.Ms No.145, Home (Leg-II) Dept., dt.30-06-2008 & G.O.Ms No.146 Home (Leg-II) Dept., dt.30-06-2008 cited. This salient features of above GOs are reiterated to all the Stipendiary Cadet Sub-Inspectors which are as follows:
Casual Leave/Station Leave:
  • Stipendiary trainees shall not be entitled for any kind of leave except public holidays declared by the Government. The Heads of the training institutions are empowered to cancel a Public holiday in the interest of training and declare it as a working day for the trainees.
  • Leave cannot be demanded as a matter of right.
  • As per Rule 10 of G.O.315 cited, the cadets are entitled for 15 days Leave during the entire period of training in one or different spells under exceptional circumstances. The total period of leave however shall not exceed 15 days during the course of training.
  • Leave application should be given at least two days in advance addressed to the Course Director and routed through AD (OD)
  • Any leave/permission should be availed only after its sanction by the Course Director. Leave will be sanctioned only under emergency circumstances by the Course Director.
  • Unless leave is sanctioned and proper outdoor pass is taken from training division, the trainees cannot leave the campus. They must enter their name & Chest No. at the gate and show their identity card & gate pass.
  • Un-authorized absence from Class/Hostel shall be considered as misconduct, calling for stern action.
  • The Candidate shall be discharged from training and his/her name struck off from the roll for un-authorized absence and shall not be paid any stipend for the period of such un-authorized absence. The Director General of Police of the State shall be competent to issue appropriate directions in this regard. In case, absence is for longer period on medical disability, training can be extended. If the absence from training exceeds one month due to medical disability it shall result in temporary medical invalidation requiring the trainee to undergo the training afresh with the next batch of the trainee if found fit by that time. The candidate shall be disqualified if found not fit to undergo training before the commencement of training of the next batch. The trainees shall not be entitled for any stipend for the period of waiting due to medical invalidation for undergoing training with the next batch.
  • The A.P.Police Academy will not take any responsibility for any act of omission and commission by the trainees, once, they leave the premises of the Academy either on leave/permission or without leave or permission.
  • The Cadets are specifically informed that the conduct marks will be awarded to them purely on the basis of their conduct, behaviour, turnout and attendance during their training period. These marks will also be computed for the purpose of fixation of inter-se-seniority.
  • The trainees must always keep it in mind that they are Police Officers of a disciplined force and their behaviour even outside the campus should not result in damaging/lowering the image of the Police force.
  • The cadets are informed that no permission or exemption for any class will be granted during the training period. Any unauthorized absence will not only be treated as “Leave Without Pay”, but also entails severe disciplinary action, and the training period will be extended accordingly.
Test & Evaluation:
  • As per Rule 5 of the G.O.315 cited the trainees are required to pass all the indoor and outdoor examinations on completion of each semester during the institutional training as per scheme of examinations. Those who fail in the examinations shall be retained in the Academy and they shall be required to appear in the supplementary exam within a period of 2 months from the date of completion of final examinations. The unsuccessful candidates of supplementary examinations shall be discharged from the training and they shall not be offered any appointment in the Department.
  • The Academy will conduct periodical test to assess their knowledge. Trainees exhibiting poor performance and not showing interest will be discharged from training without prior notice.
  • On completion of twelve (12) months of institutional training, all trainees have to undergo further training as stipulated in Rule of 4 the G.O. 315 cited.
Accommodation and mess discipline:
  • The Academy provides furnished accommodation to the cadets in the Campus. The trainees will have to reside in the Campus only during the period of training. The trainees are prohibited from bringing their families relatives or friends into their rooms.
  • They should be well disciplined and maintain safety and cleanliness in their hostel and in the APPA premises.
  • They are instructed not to indulge in any act or loose talk which might mar the reputation of the department or the Academy.
  • The consumption of intoxicating drinks, possession or use of drugs, smoking, playing cards gambling or any other kind of illegal activity are banned and shall attract punishment and discharge from training.
  • Use of immersion water heater coils in the hostel is prohibited. Using Cell Phones are strictly prohibited during i.e indoor or outdoor. Such items will be seized, if found being used.
  • The trainees are also directed to keep their belongings and valuable articles (including cash) under proper lock and key.The Academy will not be responsible for any loss of their personal belongings.
  • The trainees are strictly prohibited from bringing two/four wheeler vehicles into the campus during the period of training.
  • Any problems with the accommodation should be brought to the notice of I/c Jr.Officers Mess/Asst.Director(OD) who will try to solve them.
  • The trainees will not be allowed to grow long hair/beard during the training period. They should be clean-shaven/trimmed moustache.
  • Strict discipline should be observed in the dining hall. The Cadets should keep their Caps in the place provided for in the lobby.The Cadets should go to the dining hall properly dressed. Going to the dining hall in lungis, pyjamas & slippers is strictly prohibited.
  • To save power and water, switch off lights and close all running taps to control wastage as soon as the purpose is over.
  • Avoid eating outside food in the interest of your own health and for general well being.
  • Any misbehaviour with co-trainees, trainers, faculty members, staff and women shall be viewed seriously and will be liable for adverse action and discharge from training.
  • Being trainee of a disciplined force, it will be highly improper to criticize the government policies or police administration before the press or public.
  • Ours is a secular country and one should be secular in outlook with a high level of tolerance irrespective of caste, creed, sex, religion and place of birth etc.
  • Do not argue with your trainers, mess staff and other service staff and you should maintain proper official decorum at all times.
  • Whenever a senior officer/lady or guest enters mess/room, the trainee officer should rise and greet them. All greetings must be replied to.
  • Harsh language should not be used against the mess staff and room boys It is bad manners to loose temper with the staff which will result in an unpleasant situation.
  • Mess property whether cutlery, crockery or furniture should be handled with care. Do not place your feet on tables or chairs, or sit on tables.
  • During mess functions, every trainee SI is a host and it is his duty to see that no guest is left unattended.