Family Welfare

With the initiation of presentdirector Dr.Ish Kumar, IPS, TSPA family welfare associationwas formed on 19.6.2015. After its firstmeeting a committee was formed whichcontains officers and family members ofTSPA as its members. The committee and familymembers meet regularly to discuss onvarious problem they are facing related to quarters, amenities, Community programs etc.

The following achievement have beenmade by Family Welfare Association (FWA ) since its inception

  • Children park has beenupgraded. More Benches for elder in the park and street lights were also provide
  • Grill were providedfor to School bus along with regular attendant as safety measures
  • Bus facility to go to cityfor family ladies is provided depending on the need for shopping by groceries.
  • Unit Medical officer attend the families quarters on each Friday between16.00 hrs to 17.00 hrsThe following activities are being conducted by Family Welfare Association (FWA ) recently.
  • Women’s day celebratedin the Academy with joy and competitive spirit. Conducted events like rangoli,,Elocution and easy writing competition on women Empowerment , Cookingcompetition and well baby Show for children below 2 years of Academy Staff. Prizeswere distributed to all the winners
  • ConductedPilgrimage Tours for the family welfaremembers on their request to Godavari Maha Pushukaralu. TSPA arrangedthe 4 Busses from Academy to Bhadrachalam, Khammam District with properprotection and care
  • ConductedPilgrimage Tours for the family welfaremembers on their request Sammakla Sarakka Maha Jathara at Madaram, TSPA arranged the 2 Busses from Academy to Warangal District with proper protectionand care

Women's Day Celebration