Former Directors

Sri. C. Anjaneya Reddy, IPS, Founder Director 

                             19-5-1986 to 24-6-1990   

  The First / Founder Director of the Academy.

Provided valuable and professional insights on training needs for the preparation of the Project report by the Institute ofPublic Enterprise, Osmania University Campus, Hyderabad in 1987.Introduced Mandatory Courses for directly recruited SIs to improve professionalism.Alienation of land, sanction of manpower and Director as HOD were done during his tenure
Books published during his tenure:
  • 1. Code of Conduct and Behaviour for Police Officers
  • 2. Interrogation
  • 3. Preventive Powers of the Police
  • 4. Hand Book of Law for Police Officers & Prosecutors
  • 5. Lecture Notes on First Course in Investigation6.
  • 6. Essential Law for Police Officers

Sri. V.S.Ravi, IPS, Director 

                             25-6-1990 to 27-10-1990   
Academy functioned in Amberpet campus with minimum facilities. He was instrumental in bringing the conduct of orientation training of IPS (RR) probationers from PTC Ananthapur to the Police Academy

Sri. A.V.Subba Rao, IPS, Director  

                             05-11-1990 to 04-10-1992   
Was the Director of the Academy for 2 years from 5-11-1990 to 4-10-1992. During his tenure the Academy functioned in Amberpet campus with minimum facilities. No. of courses were conducted during his tenure.

Sri. H.J.Dora , IPS, Director 

                             05-10-1992 to 15-04-1993   
During his 6 months tenure, he identified and conducted various need based courses

Sri. M.V.Krishna Rao , IPS, Director 

                             02-06-1993 to 12-06-1998   

  • He established the Basic Amenities block.
  • Gardens and Greenery developed with Water sprinkler systems.
  • Construction of Administration Block, Field Training Block, Junior Officers Mess – I took place .
  • He introduced Induction Training for Newly recruited Forensic Science scientists and Assistant Public Prosecutors.
  • APPA Welfare Stores was started in Amenities Block in 1993.
  • APPA Medicare Centre was established in 1993.
  • In 1994 Departments of Police Sciences, Intelligence and Security, Forensic Science, Law and Field Training started functioning.
  • Conducted the 40th All India Police Duty Meet in the Academy in December 1996.Started NCRB Courses

Sri. B.Prasada Rao , IPS, Director  

                             12-06-1998 to 16-06-1998   

Sri. Jaspal Singh , IPS, Addl DGP 

                             16-06-1998 to 05-06-2000   
  • Semester System was introduced from 1999 for directly recruited SIs (Civil), RSIs (AR & APSP).
  • Developed Forensic Medicine laboratory during his tenure.
  • First time Practical’s in Forensic Science, Fingerprint and Forensic Medicine were introduced.
  • For the first time conducted International course on LWE to Nepalese Police officers.
  • Installation of 33/11 KV Electrical Substation was constructed and became operational on
  • Data relating to Training establishment, Library, Motor Transport Wing, has been computerized.
  • Internet facility has been obtained in 1999, Email was also provided.
  • During his tenure Clean and Green programme was observed on every 3rd Saturday of the month

Sri. A.K. Mohanty , IPS, Director 

                              23-06-2000 to 27-02-2002   
  • He was the designer of the Parade Grounds in different levels - I, II & III.
  • He introduced the concept of Common Good Fund (CGF).
  • RETREAT – 2000, 2001 and 2002 were conducted for Senior Police officers during his tenure.
  • Orientation Training to newly promoted CIs and DSsP was introduced during the year 2000.
  • Stream lined functioning of Messes.
  • DIFD Project – British Council selected and trained the lead trainers from this Academy.
  • Incentive system of giving Cash Rewards and GSEs to the best trainees was introduced in 2001.
  • Computer Centre was upgraded with 60 Nodes and LAN in classrooms and laboratories.
  • Regional conference - “Forging a new future for women in the Police service” sponsored by the British Council was conducted.

Sri. K.Arvind Rao , IPS, Director 

                             31-03-2002 to 08-05-2002   

Sri. M.Ratan , IPS, Director 

                             15-05-2002 to 14-10-2005   
  • He developed the level IV, V and VI of the Parade Ground,
  • He modernized the Kitchens and Cooking systems in the Mess and established Gas Godown in the Academy.
  • Library was opened for children and families of the academy staff.
  • Reaching Out to districts – 2 day workshop on “ White Collar Crime was conducted in 2004.
  • The First Police Training Conference was organized in collaboration with BPR & D for all the Heads of Training Institutes in 2005.
  • 57 Indane gas connections were given to the families of APPA Staff.
  • 5 Gymnasiums at JOM, SOM and Library Block were installed.

Dr.C.N.Gopi Natha Reddy , IPS, Director 

                             19-05-2006 to 22-03-2010   
  • Launched the training Programme for Police officers on “Anti Human Trafficking “ with DOP and UNDOC in 2006.
  • The Academy was declared as a Nodal training centre for all trainings in AHT in 2007.
  • Model Police Control Room and Armourers Training School were started on 11.5.2007.
  • Model Control Room was set up in APPA.
  • Procured 47 vehicles for the Academy.
  • Envisaged Subordinate Officers Training Centre (SOTC) and International Officers Mess (IOM)
  • During his tenure Dr. Hankins‘ Museum and Discovery Centre was established in 2008.
  • Sent proposals for the development of the Academy as Police University.

Dr.N.Sambhasiva Rao , IPS, Director 

                              23-03-2010 to 25-05-2013   
  • New Faculty Block, and the Director’s Bungalow were created.
  • Renovation of Computer centre, Seminar Hall, Class room 1,2 & 3, development of 5th level ground , widening of internal roads and beautification of campus.
  • Biometric Attendance System was introduced in 2012.
  • The Police Subsidiary Canteen was established on 23.3.201

Dr.M.Malakondaiah , IPS, Director 

                              25-05-2013 to 03-05-2015   
  • During his tenure the Academy was renamed as RBVRR Telangana State Police Academy after the reorganization of the state as AP and TS.
  • He was instrumental in introducing Modular Training System, and revamping of Syllabus (Basic).

Dr.Ish Kumar , IPS, DGP 

                              04-05-2015 to 31-12-2016   
  • During his tenure he revised syllabus for SI's.
  • He initiated website for TSPA
  • He introduced Cyber Crime Investigation and Digital Forensic as fifth mandatory course for directly recruited SI's

K. Srinivasa Reddy, IPS,IGP

                              31-12-2016 to 29-03-2017