Adoption Programs



As part of socialresponsibility the RBVRR Telangana State Police Academy, under theguidance of Dr. Ish Kumar, IPS, Director, TSPA has adopted a Govt. PrimarySchool situated in the Harijanawada of Aziznagar Village,Rajendranagar Mandal, R.R.District from one year. On conducting asurvey in Aziznagar Village, it was found that this School which is aCoeducation one, with 64 Students studying children and most of them arepoor background. This particular School is lacking all the basic facilitieslike

SchoolFurniture, Cooking Shed, Drinking facility and Toilets etc. Having takendecision of adopting this School, the Officers of TSPA contacted VillageSarpanch Smt. Mangali Manga and other village elders, parents and with theirsupport the school adoption programme was given initial momentum