Trophies and Medals are instituted for the best performance by thetrainees in various fields and awarded on the day of Passing out Parade.


1.   CMs Revolver &Trophy  for Best All-round Performance

2.   Home Minister’s Trophyfor Best Performance in Indoor Subjects

3.   DGP’s Trophy for BestPerformance in Outdoor Subjects

4.   Director’s Trophy forBest Performance in Firing.




1.  DG/Director’sMedal for best in Law subjects (All Law Subjects)

2.  DG/Director’sMedal for best in Law & Order and Internal Security

3.  DG/Director’sMedal for best in Police Organization & Procedure (APPM)

4.  DG/Director’sMedal for best in Human Rights, Behaviour, Ethics& Management

5.  DG/Director’sMedal for best in Investigation

6.  DG/Director’sMedal for best in Forensic Science & Forensic Medicine


1.  DG/Director’sMedal for best in Physical Training (all events)

2.  DG/Director’sMedal for best in Weapon Training(all weapons)

3.  DG/Director’sMedal for best in  Drills (all Drills)

4.  DG/Director’sMedal for best in Field Craft, Tactics and Map Reading

5.  Director’s Medalfor best Conduct

N.B.   Proposalsare been sent to Government for the following of Trophies and Medals:

a)     Best LadyProbationer

b)     Best Trainers(Indoor & Outdoor)

c)     Cash Rewardsalong with Trophies and Medals