IndoorSyllabus (Semester – I)

1.  Police inModern India

2.  Criminology

3.  IndianPenal Code and Legal Jurisprudence

4.  CriminalProcedure Code

5.  IndianEvidence Act 

6.  InvestigationTheory

7.  PoliceStation  Management & Crime Control

8.  Maintenanceof Public Peace & Order

9.  Usages ofComputers, CCTNS and Technology for Policing

Indoor Syllabus (Semester – II)

10.  A)Forensic Science

B) Forensic Medicine

11.Investigation Practicals and ReportWriting

12. Crime against Women, Children,SC/ST, Minorities and other vulnerable sections of the Society

13. A) Investigation of Cyber Crimes

      B)  Economic Offences

      C)Organized Crimes

14. Intelligence and Internal Security

15. A) Police Leadership & Management

      B) Human Rights and Ethics

16. Learning FieldScenarios


1.  Purpose of Outdoor Training

2.  Revision of Syllabus

3.  a) Abstract of Outdoor Periods & Marks(Subject-wise)

b) Abstract ofOutdoor Periods (Semester-wise)

4. Breakup of Outdoor Periods & Marks(Subject-wise)

5.  A). Outdoor subjects, Periods and marks (1stSemester)

    B). Outdoor subjects, Periods and marks (2nd  Semester)

6. Outdoor Finalexaminations marks