Academic Wing


The wings of Telangana State PoliceAcademy  are headed by a Joint Directorof DIG Rank, which are as under. Each wing has a number of departments, eachheaded by a DD/AD.


Departmentof Police Sciences: 

The Department handles various courseslike  Induction, Pre-promotion, Orientation, Mandatory, Thematic courses,and also workshops during an academic year.
Department of Law

(1) Sri Md. Barkat Ali, i/c AD(Law), (2) Smt.Sailaja, FM (Law), handles induction, Mandatory, Thematiccourses, and  Workshops during an academic year.
Department of Forensic Science:

This Department includes  (1) Dr. N. AnitaEvangelin FM,   (2) Smt. V. Eswaramma, FM, (3) Sri  T Suresh,FM.  and (4) Sri M.D.Tatha Rao DSP (FPB). This Department handlesInduction, Mandatory, Thematic courses and Workshops during an academic year.

Departmentof Forensic Medicine

This Department has Asst. Prof. Dr.S.ShavukathAli, MD  handles Induction, Mandatory, Thematic courses and Workshopduring an academic year.
Department of Research and Development:

ThisDepartment handles the analysis of various cases that have occurred in thestate of Andhra Pradesh and elsewhere and prepares model case studies, alsoconducts research on various training needs, analyzes them for the developmentof the Police Department. This department is yet to be created.