Academy`s Future Road Map



A) Formulation of a State Training Policy

B) Creation of an Academy Training Manual

C) Revision of Course Syllabus for existing courses andIntroduction of new courses based on regular Training Needs Analysis andTraining impact analysis.

D) ISO certification

E) NewSchools Proposed:

1) Road Safety and Traffic Training School

2) Communication Training School

3) Armourer Training School

4) Band Training School

F) NewDepartments / Cells Envisaged:

1) Dept. of Management and Behavioral Science

2) Cyber Crime Investigation Cell

3) Documentation Cell and Faculty of Studies

4) Research and Development Cell

5) Examination Cell

G) NewInfrastructure:

1) Model Police Station & Mock Court

2) Indoor Sports Complex and Athletic Track

3) Indoor Firing Range

4) Sand Model & IED Rooms

5) FS / FM Labs and Museum

6) Class Rooms Block for In-Service Trainees

7) Women’s Hostel

8) Mini Auditorium

H) Technology

1) Online Distance Education for Police Officers(e-Learning)

2) Developing Lesson Plans, PPTs, Case Studies for allcourses and hosting it on web-portal

3) Wi-Fi in the entire TSPA Campus

4) Virtual Class Rooms and Linking TSPA with allPTCs/DTCs/CTCs/BTCs

5) Creation of Database of all Trainees and theirperformances.

6) Computerization of all records and training material.

I)Fellowships and MoUs:

1)MoU with Universities for Awarding PG Diploma in Police Sciences to all civil trainees

oncompletion of their basic induction training.

2)MoU with Institution of higher learning and research in India and abroad forFaculty

Developmentand Exchange programs.

3)Fellowships for higher learning and Research for Police Officers

J)Establishing Telangana State Police University